Who is cuddling? / Self-Empowerment

Cuddling is suitable for all healthy people aged 18 and over from young to old. The cuddle group does not replace any therapeutic group. Since even the old Sigmund Freud has said that (almost) each and every one of us is neurotic, the definition of is health broad. Also, self-esteem and relationship issues and are not feel connected problems that people just belong to us. The need for touch is timeless and lies dormant in everyone. They are addressed singles and couples.
The first Cuddle Parties were originally initiated for ocuples. TEST!

If you are from a mental or physical disorder suffer, please take before participating with your doctor / your doctor or your therapist / your therapist and Ramani Eva Panser consultation .

The Kuschel evening replaced no therapy or other medical or (psycho-) therapeutic treatment. Each participating individual must be Lageee, full of themselves and their actions responsibility to assume.