Einzelsitzungen / Private sessions


Private sessions are possible again both in BASEL and in PULHEIM. Please contact me per mail or phone. (0041 79 734 89 05)


I also offer cuddling in a cozy atmosphere and an individual setting . This is like a small cuddle goup consisting of you and me, of two persons. This can be a preparation for the entry into the cuddle group. Maybe you like to cuddle with one person only. Maybe it feels more secure.

The individual cuddling session has the same setting (cuddle rules) as the group, but it is of course more private and more concipated just for you! It is about the perception of your body, your emotions and your needs, and about learning to enjoy yourself, your body, to enjoy life, It is about being with yourself and being with another person very relaxed and near. It is about confidence concerning your needs and concerning your partner. Holding each other and cuddling can help you to let go your  everyday stress, to come down to your body and to your soul and to feel your real needs and wishes.  And you can learn to go for the real needs of your life!

You can learn in a private setting to express, what you want, to say „yes“ or „no“. to feel and express your needs can be very important not only for cuddling but for your whole life.

As Dipl. Psychotherapist and Dipl. Bodyworker , I also offer cuddling in a therapeutic setting, with added therapeutic tools, which can be important in your acual process.

Maybe you feel or know in advance that you have problems concerning coming close and / or keeping distance in various kinds of relationships, or you know or assume, you could have been traumatized as a child or in former times of your previous life, and maybe you feel a connection between your personal history and your problems in relationships today. I am ready to work on your problems with you, if you want me to do that.

It is about you, your life and your real needs!

In the very beginning I offer a 20 minutes-meeting (free) with a cup of tea in my rooms to get to know each other. It will be important for you to get to know me, before we start with the sessions.

You can contact me with mail: panser68ramani@gmail.com . I am looking forward to getting to know you.